About us

We’re striving to live a life free from the current social-economic constraints that most people let rule their lives. We’re just two people living day by day, but we hope we can start a ripple and show others that there are other ways to approach life. They may not necessarily seem better, or even possible for everyone, but surely are different from the grind most find themselves trapped in.




5 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hey this is Jason brown, I worked with matt at backcountry and bri worked with my sister. Anyway I was talking to jeff mikalien (sp) and you came up matt and he told you what you guys were up to. I comend you guys your doing what I have wanted to do for quite some time. I axtually have some questions about it shoot me an email sometime. It’s jaybrown21@gmail.com

    Good luck to ya guys!!

  2. Matt and Bri – this is an incredibly inspiring journey! Matt, I took over your spot at Backcountry and my boyfriend and I plan to follow the same “career path” of going out on the open road some day. Love the musings and wish you the best in your evolution.

  3. Hi guys!!! So glad you both “get it”, as so many do not. We’ve been living off the grid for 5+ years now and still having fun and creating our own adventures. We miss you guys and hope to see you on the Baja side – anytime you want…

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